Welcome to the Blog of Northen Wolf!


What is this site?

This site is about me. More specifically about my views of different subjects, about my dreams, my wishes, my goals. I hope to update it at least once per two weeks – why? Because writing about subjects refines my thoughts, understandings and knowledge of the subject. Because writing in English improves my language skills. And because I’d like to share what I know and think with my friends and even with the world! There’s a neat subscribe area  in the right corner of this page. If you don’t know what ‘subscription’ is I’ll try to explain it. You’ll need to enter your e-mail and confirm it. Then, whenever I post a new content you’ll get an e-mail containing that post (and link to it). It’s neat way of knowing when I post something new, without having check this blog regularly and maybe missing a post or five, it’s also easier to remember to check this site – because you’ll get an e-mail whenever new content is posted.

What’s with the name?

So, why do I call this blog with the name of “Blog of Northen Wolf”. What kind of name is that? It’s not fluid, and there’s even a grammatical mistake in it. Well, believe it or not, this mistake is on purpose. I’ve used this name online for past 10-14 years, typo (spelling error) in there gives me an unique nick, which I can use to be identified online! But my real name is Alar. I write this blog from Viljandi, Estonia. I’ve born in Viljandi’s countryside, in a small village called Muri.




Who am I?

I am a young christian, been in faith longer – seeds were planted when I was young (pre teen), but I’ve been active and real about my faith for only about 4 years. I’m associated with Viljandi Baptistikogudus (Viljandi Baptist Church). I’m 22 years old and -currently – I’m studying IT (name of the subject is: Computers and Networks) in a vocational school – because this term may be uncommon (to me, a non-native English speaker, it was) you could also think of a ” trade school” or “career school”. I’ve still got few months to finish up trade school, and I hope to pass gymnasium (University-preparatory school common in Northern Europe) exams as well.


What to I do?

I’m active in my congregations youth work and I’ve also, recently gained the (experimental) role of “communicator” in my church. This role is a new role within the congregation, with goal of improving information flow throughout different branches of the Church (youth work, prayer groups, choir, store, etc.) and to help church members (and outside world) to become more active part of the congregation daily life (and help with their personal faith). I hope to succeed in my role but prayers would not be a bad thing, mainly because, “bottlenecks” in information flow and congregation members social activity leaves much to be wished for. But I can do it, with the help of the Lord.


I do not know what life brings for my personal life, not before I’ve finished up all things related to school – I hope to stay in Viljandi and rent a house here, I also hope to find a job here – preferably something related to computers.


What to I know?

I know computers and networking – I’ve studied this area for 4 years.

I know basics of 3D modeling(mostly box-modelling), I’ve even done some works and I do know the terms.

I know basic programming and basics of JAVA and C++, I’m not that bad in C# either.

I know basics of creating databases and MYSQL as well as MS Access.

Obviously know word-and-number-processing programs that are for common use (Word, Office, excel, libre etc.).


What Certificates do I have?

*** CCNA Discovery: Networking for Home and Small Businesses

*** IT Spetsialist, (tase 4)  (IT systems specialist, level 4) 

(Here is info about my qualification in Estonian).